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Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury. in a portrait painted by artist Dmitry Akimov.


During the festive dinner dedicated to the birthday - the 85th anniversary of the world-famous singer Montserrat Caballé, one of the guests - the painter and composer Doctor of Science Dmitry Akimov presented to the opera star a portrait that he created just before her birthday. The canvas depicts M. Caballé and the singer of the rock group "Queen" F.Mercury. On her birthday, Montserrat Caballé was very touched by the gift of the Ukrainian artist. In addition, D.Sc. D. Akimov handed to the opera singer the silver order with sapphires from the International Academy "Golden Fortune". 

     Doctor Dmitry Akimov said: "For me, the work on the portrait was very responsible. We have been familiar with M. Caballé for almost 20 years and I know quite well from her words that there was a soul relationship between Montserrat and Freddie. 

    This  relationship was greater than friendship, greater than  respect. 
The genius singer Montserrat and the genius singer Freddie inspired each other in creativity. They were kindred souls. When I gifted this canvas to Montserrat , she said very quietly and tenderly - "Ah, Freddie ,,," . For me these quiet, gentle words - "Ah, Freddie..."  became the highest appraisal. 

    I have been working as a portrait painter for many years. Under my brush on canvases appeared dozens of portraits of very famous people from different countries, and I always try to convey the state of the human soul in portraits. 

    For millions of listeners - fans of the rock group "Queen", Freddie Mercury was not only the unique vocalist, but also the unique author  of the vivid scenic images that he created on the stage. How to transfer the soul of a singer by paints and brushes? How to transfer the Montserrat's state of soul to viewers? 

    I am not only a painter, but also a composer and poet, thus for the 85th birthday of an opera star, I wrote for her an ode, I wrote ceremonial poems with music and I invited the choir of the National Radio of Ukraine to perform this ode for vocal a cappella.

        Artist Dmitry Akimov said that it is a great honor for him that he created a portrait of the famous opera singer Montserrat Caballé and the rock-star Freddie Mercury loved by  millions of fans  and now this canvas it is in the private collection of Montserrat Caballé .