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Выставки современного украинского художника, полковника Национальной гвардии Украины Дмитрия Акимова

    In the second half of 2017 and In the first half of 2018 several exhibitions  by the contemporary Ukrainian artist, Colonel of the National Guard of Ukraine, participant of Donbass's War Dmytro Akimov were held.

    The exhibitions feature paintings  in oil that are devoted to fighting in Donbas during the summer-autumn of 2014, including canvases about the tragedy near Ilovaysk and the winter armed confrontation near the towns Debaltsevo and Popasna. 

    One of the exhibitions was attended by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his wife. The artist Dmitry Akimov told Mrs. Marina Poroshenko about some of the paintings in more detail, because it was very important for the artist to see the First Lady perceive his work. 

It is known that Marina Poroshenko has an education as a painting expert, she is a respected fine art critic. It is interesting, that Dmitry Akimov also studied at the same faculty in the same academy as she did.

    Later, Akimov Dmitry said: "It was very important for me how these two distinguished spectators would appreciate my canvases not only because my works  were seen by the President of Ukraine and his

 wife, but above all because Petro Poroshenko is a well-known collector of paintings , and Marina Poroshenko is a highly respected art critic".

       Dmitry Akimov's art is far better known to lovers and collectors of fine arts outside Ukraine, because compatriots know him more as a composer and a poet who writes music and poems for major symphony orchestras, academic choirs and popular singers.

       Dmitry Akimov is an artist who returned to the Ukrainian audience after participating in the battles in Donbass.